Price list

One of the most important issues when choosing a website – price.


A site built with up to three tabs (eg Main Page, Offer, Contact), without creating a logo, slider, gallery, writing content and its preparation for SEO. A site built on a WordPress theme (with a CMS panel) or based on HTML and CSS (without the CMS administration panel). Contents and graphics are provided by the client.

price: PLN 800-1800 net
time: 5-10 business days


Create a blog on the free WordPress theme

Price: PLN 1000-2500 net
time: 10-15 business days


The most commonly used solution in the network. The website is made up of more tabs. Articles are optimized for SEO, which improves visibility on Google. When designing a website, numerous plugins are used that extend the capabilities of such a site. It is possible to create a section with implementations, portfolio, blog, etc. I definitely recommend building a website on the WordPress engine.

price: from 1800 PLN net
time: from 15 business days

WEBSITE PRICE versus Time spent on its implementation

The price of the website – the most important factor is the time devoted to its preparation. An individual project created from scratch will take a lot more time to complete than the page on the finished template. Immediately I want to point out that pages built on templates are not inferior, less attractive, less accessible to search engine robots. With appropriate creativity, the addition of professional graphics and interesting texts are nevertheless attractive.

How do add-ons affect the price of the site?

Low website price and extras. Offers starting with: „Website since …” means that you will not pay the amount given for this return. It will be much larger, because services such as adding a gallery, rotator, contact form, etc. will be added to it! Are these elements not the basic components of almost every website? Do not get caught up with this cheap marketing gimmick, which is the initial underselling of the page’s price. Try to determine what the final price of the project will be.